To Beer or not to Beer

2014-05-10 13.04.07

The Giocoso ladies were left feeling a bit baffled after our latest gig at Castle Bromwich Heritage and Beer festival. Held at the beautiful 17th Century Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel, the Heritage Festival was right up our street.¬†Battling monsoon-like downpours, we opened the event with our first set (avoiding the cliche of “Singing in the Rain”). The hardcore beer-festival goers were glad of our cheery accompaniment to the first tasters of the day. Introduced by the town crier – incidentally we must congratulate him on being one of the few people to pronounce our name right.




From then on…it just got weird.


Fantastic period costumes from various centuries really set the scene. It was when we bumped into a female WW2 soldier (complete with machine gun) chatting to a green man and then a jester on a tightrope that we started to feel like we were in an episode of Dr Who. Swiftly followed by a visit to the leach doctor, learning (and winning) a new board game called Mijnlief, a look round the church to find a lady spinning yarn. There really was something for everyone there.  Thanks to Hopwood Games for this photo montage.
Beer Festival


Never have the words “Well I wasn’t expecting that!” been uttered so many times in an afternoon!