About Us

What you see is what you get. Four, maybe five, maybe eight girls playing a variety of saxes and other instruments (including the odd cowbell) for your listening pleasure.

What started out as a quartet has gradually evolved into a quintet, delivering a gorgeously rich and full sound.  Having a five-part quartet gives us the added flexibility of showcasing the lush vocals of Kate O’Malley on featured pieces.  When the occasion calls for it, we can even add an all female back line of drums, bass and piano – you haven’t heard or seen anything like this before!

Ideal for background music at your wedding or at a corporate drinks reception, Giocoso quartet or quintet can perform indoors or outdoors and require very little floor space. With our wide ranging repertoire we are a perfect alternative to a traditional string quartet.

As professional musicians you are assured of a top quality performance as well as a reliable booking process.